Sea and Seashore Coloring Book 1 - Fashionura
Sea and Seashore Coloring Book 1 - Fashionura
Sea and Seashore Coloring Book 1 - Fashionura
Sea and Seashore Coloring Book 1 - Fashionura

Sea and Seashore Coloring Book 1

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The sea is where it all started. It is where all plant and animal life began. First came single celled life, then worm-like organisms. The worms became either creatures with backbones which became fish or developed hard outer shells and became shellfish, shrimps crabs and other crustaceans. Some of the fish left the water and became amphibians then reptiles. Some of the crustaceans left the water to become insects and spiders. But many others stayed in the waters of the salt sea and made it their permanent home. Some creatures, like the land dwelling ancestors of whales chose to return to the sea.

Some others like seals, turtles and penguins have lives partly on land and partly in the water. Many others live their lives near the sea such as the sandpiper plucking food from the edge of the surf, the otter feasting on fish and shellfish or the pelican diving deep for a meal. The vast diversity of animal life inhabiting the waters from foamy surface to the darkest depths is only known to us in a still sketchy way. But what we do know is that an incredible variety of creatures both beautiful and terrible live in those depths. The fish, birds and mammals found in and near the ocean will be forever fascinating, and new discoveries will not only thrill us but teach us more about our own origins.

These books will give a small glimpse into the deep blue oceans and the teeming life that exists there. Young people can learn to know and appreciate that the ocean waters are the greatest part of the Earth and the place where all life began.

Cover: Clown Fish

  1. Crab
  2. Albatross
  3. Hammerhead Shark
  4. Horseshoe Crab
  5. Marine Iguana
  6. Sea Horse
  7. Elephant Seal
  8. Clown Fish
  9. Grouper
  10. Dolphin
  11. Hermit Crab
  12. Puffin
  13. Sea Lion
  14. Tide Pool
  15. Manta Ray
  16. Saddleback Butterfly Fish
  17. Sperm Whale
  18. Cow Fish
  19. Emperor Penguin
  20. Sun Fish
  21. Saw Fish
  22. Cuttlefish
  23. Walrus
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