In The Trees Coloring Book 2 - Fashionura
In The Trees Coloring Book 2 - Fashionura
In The Trees Coloring Book 2 - Fashionura
In The Trees Coloring Book 2 - Fashionura

In The Trees Coloring Book 2

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Up in the trees you can find as great a variety of life as any other place on Earth. You’ll find insects, salamanders, lizards, snakes, cats and of course lots of monkeys and birds. Many creatures are looking for food or safety when they go up into the branches. Up there, they can eat the fruits, leaves and flowers. Some animals spend their entire lives in this generous garden. Others only climb into the leaves to sleep at night and escape the prowling predators. But the predators, like big cats and big snakes, are in the trees as well, looking for insects, reptiles, birds and mammals to eat.

These coloring books offer a way to learn and appreciate in detail the wide array of life in this green, three dimensional environment. It was in the trees, of course, that our own ancestors developed the binocular vision and grasping hands that were necessary to becoming human. All the beauties of nature and all of life’s drama can be seen happening high above the ground in the trees.

Cover: Moustashed Guenon

  1. Hummingbird
  2. Basilisk
  3. Sifaka
  4. Toucan
  5. Golden Snub Nose Monkey
  6. Emperor Tamerin
  7. Peregrine Falcon
  8. Lesser Panda
  9. Slow Loris
  10. Painted Bunting
  11. Vervets
  12. Cockatoos
  13. Walking Stick
  14. Moustashed Guenon
  15. Cameleon
  16. Lyre Bird
  17. Red Tail Guenon
  18. Japanese Beetle
  19. Orangutan
  20. Diana Guenon II
  21. Gray Squirrel
  22. Fawn
  23. Barbary Macaques
  24. Syke’s Guenon
  25. Waxwing
  26. Bonobos
  27. Sun Tail Guenon
  28. Crested Ibis
  29. Flying Lemur
  30. Mona Guenon
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