Mammals Coloring Book 2 - Fashionura
Mammals Coloring Book 2 - Fashionura
Mammals Coloring Book 2 - Fashionura
Mammals Coloring Book 2 - Fashionura

Mammals Coloring Book 2

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Mammals are our closest relatives. We are mammals. We mammals can be found in every environment in the world. There are marine mammals inhabiting the oceans from the tropics to the arctic. Plant eating mammals on the hoof can be found from the highest mountains to the driest deserts. And wherever the grass eaters go, there you will find, stalking them, the big predator cats and bears. Mammals such as moles, meerkats and foxes have their homes underground. Bats come out of their caves and fly through the air like birds. Mammals are everywhere.

The smallest mammals are small enough to be caught and eaten by some insects and lizards.  Yet, some of the smallest mammals ever may have helped push some of the biggest, the dinosaurs, to extinction by feasting on their eggs. The largest mammals are the biggest creatures of all;

The biggest whales are bigger than the largest dinosaurs ever were. And in the absence of the big extinct reptiles, the mammals became the most varied and successful group of animals ever, moving into and adapting to every environment. These four coloring books look at living mammals of every kind and from every region of the planet. To enjoy and color these pages will, we hope, give young people a broad understanding and appreciation of the big and complex diversity of this warm blooded, fur covered group of creatures.

Cover: Red Fox

  1. Dolphin
  2. Long Tail Weasel
  3. Platypus
  4. Pronghorn Antelope
  5. Hippopotamus
  6. Owl Face Guenon
  7. Kangaroo
  8. Diana Guenon II
  9. Tapir
  10. Mandril
  11. Fenec
  12. Cheetah
  13. Asian Rhinoceros
  14. Wild Pig
  15. Banded Mongoose
  16. Mona Guenon
  17. Bobcat
  18. Crowned Guenon
  19. Black Foot Ferret
  20. Babirusa
  21. Red Fox
  22. Elephant Shrew
  23. Mule Deer Family
  24. Buffalo
  25. Naked Mole Rat
  26. Cougar
  27. Wildebeest
  28. Douc Langur
  29. Ringtail
  30. Howler Monkey
  31. Golden Guenon
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