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17 Natural Coloring Books

Different from most of the coloring pages available online which are either
very commercial cartoons or, worse, show extremely poor artistic merit.
American artist Guy Colwell therefore decided to do a few pages that would
be well drawn, educational and a little more challenging than what he'd been

These 17 Natural Coloring Books  are created because of his love of nature
and knowledge of zoology. Some of the inspiration came from direct
observation of wild animals in nature and from work in zoos as a docent,
also from his many wilderness hiking trips, even one 3000 mile trek across
the U.S., journeys around Europe and several visits to Northern and Southern
Africa. Not a few of these animals he studied and sketched in the wild.

He loves making these drawings and he is inspired to see that children are
enjoying them, with more to come in the near future.

Free coloring pages from quality Natural Coloring Books illustrated by famous Comic Artist - Guy Colwell, who was
inspired to start doing coloring pages because of his love for nature & wild
life and his desire to contribute to children's education.

The Natural Coloring pages are designed to help kids explore nature and
science,  to ignite their love for nature, animals & our planet and to spark
their creativity and artistic flair. The collection of 17 coloring books
is now available online with less commercial influence and excellent artistic merit. 

Lots of kids have tried these well drawn and educational pages with
excitement, we are overwhelmed by positive feedback!